Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning allows you to freshen up your house and along with that, your mind! The following gives you tips on how to spring clean each room, what you should focus on and how to get it all done in under a day. First; focus is the key!
The kitchen
Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly is important as this is where you do majority of your cooking. Start from kitchen exhaust cleaning, then move on to your stove, kitchen island, oven and finally sanitize your sink. Your sink has to be sanitized every other day, to avoid bacterial build up. Don’t forget dishwasher duty every week and also the cleaning of all your cutlery and pans. Remember to replace your cleaning sponge and towels every other month. Look here to find out more about kitchen exhaust cleaning.
The bedrooms
Start with your bedding. Get rid of all the sheets, covers and pillows! Throw them all into the washing machine and put the pillows out in the sun to dry. This needs to be done every 4 months, in order to maintain the cleanliness. Next in line comes your closet and drawers, clean everything inside out. Rearrange everything once they’re clean, so that it all looks new and nice! Don’t forget to also clean your fan/AC and lights. Be cautious when doing this, make sure the electricity is switched off.
The bathrooms
Start with polishing up the doors and handles! Clean out the wardrobes and first aid box. Restock the soaps and shampoos. Get scrubbing, starting from the floor to the inside of the shower. Don’t forget to also include hand wash and hand towels, that you will also need to replace every week. Wipe down all surfaces and add a few bath mats. Don’t forget to include an air freshener!
Dining and living room
Remember to clean out and vacuum the floors, even under furniture. Sweep the floors weekly to maintain the expected level of cleanliness. Dust your bookshelves, area around your wall painting, furniture and vacuum your carpets. Your dining table also needs to be constantly cleaned on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to clean out the corners while you’re doing the deep cleaning. Add in a few air cleaning plants and voila!
The most essential part to spring cleaning and maintaining the tidiness is to stop things from getting too cluttered! Once you get rid of all the unwanted clutters, you’ll gain more space and in return the tidying up and cleaning process becomes much easier. A spring cleaning session every year helps you get rid of toxins and lifts your spirits as well!

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