Three Things To Note When You Have Just Moved To Dubai

So here you are after taking a big step in your life. You have moved to a foreign place and are away from most of your family and friends. In the beginning it must have been exciting and a fair bit exhilarating but now the excitement has died down and you are unsure about what to do and you are wondering if everything will be alright.
Well do not worry. Everything will be alright. You will be alright. You just need a bit of time and a few pointers to lead you along. So here are three things to note.
Acquire any licenses if necessary
This is very important and should not be delayed. If you want to work in Dubai, you first have to check if there any documents or licenses you need to get. If you need the DHA license then you have to visit the Dubai health authority and apply for a license.
Sometimes the process involved in health authority licensing might take some time however be patient and acquire the license. The same applies to any other license you want to get. Even if you wish to start a cupcake shop, do some research and see if you need any documents or you have to get registered with an authority.
Manage your expenses.
This is another thing to note. You might want to visit all the places that the emirate is famous for and this is natural. However what you have to do first is settle down and think about your budget. In Dubai accommodation is expensive so rent is going to be a huge expense. However food is relatively cheap and fuel costs are even cheaper therefore first identify and make a budget and then plan where you are going to visit.
If you are going to move here then you have a lot of time to explore the city and its attractions. So make a plan regarding what you are going to and fix a budget and try to not stray from either. Make sure to do this at least in the beginning because you are not going to receive a huge pay check immediately as you get a job. That is going to take some time so manage your budget.
Go out and explore the city
This does not mean you need to catch a taxi to the nearest mall and go shopping in a Gucci store. What you have to do is go down the streets and visit the souks. Just allow the aura of the city to sink into your skin. The beauty of Dubai is not found in the malls it is found in all the little things like the smell of the perfume oils in shops that have been standing for more than fifty years, the laughter of children as they play, the cheerful chatter as people talk and walk on the roads, the clinking of the sequined skirts, the smell of the salt from the Dubai creek. This is what makes Dubai beautiful. It is not the glamour and the glitz. It is the heritage and the people that call the emirate home.
So go and explore Dubai and do not worry too much. You will be alright.

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